Online Speech Therapy




Abby Brooks uses an online platform to offer interactive online speech therapy. 


This technology can be used to deliver speech therapy online for adults, online speech therapy for kids and even online speech therapy for toddlers. Online speech therapy can help service adults or children in communities that have limited access to speech and language therapy. However, online speech therapy can also be used with people who prefer to work from their home.

Online speech therapy can be used to address articulation (speech sounds) concerns, language disorders, voice therapy, accent reduction and stuttering. 

Abby uses the latest HIPAA compliant web-based video conferencing software to connect with clients. The software was developed by speech therapists and intended for speech therapy and other therapies in order for speech therapists to offer speech therapy online


Technical requirements for using the online speech therapy program include:

- A computer (Mac or PC)

- Video Camera (internal or external)

- Speakers and a microphone or headphones (internal or external)

- Latest Google Chrome browser. This can be downloaded from: If Google Chrome is already downloaded on your computer, update to the latest version by following these instructions:

             Open Chrome

           Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Google Chrome address bar

            Select Help, About Google Chrome 

- Adequate Internet capacity. The minimum internet speed of 3MB/sec is recommended but the software does operate at lower speeds. Your Internet speed can be tested at

The online speech therapy software program can run with Safari 11 on iPad or iPhone devices. However, not all functions will operate. The iPad or iPhone should be using the latest iOS operating system. You can follow the instructions on your device to ensure you're using the latest iOS operating system. Refer to for support. 

More information regarding the online speech therapy software program can be found at:

*Please note, if you get a message indicating you can not connect using "reflexive candidates", this should not be a problem . 

Thanks! Message sent.